How to Use QR Codes For Your Business

So how can you take advantage of this growing trend for your business? Keep in mind that much more than web addresses can be scanned.

For example, you use QR codes to:

  1. Direct clients to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or website.
  2. Use a QR code in a direct mail piece, business card, or postcard to provide a discount.
  3. Give customers an inside look at your new Facebook promotion.
  4. Share a digital menu for your restaurant, food truck, or catering company.
  5. Direct users to download your app.
  6. Take them to a page with more detailed information that wouldn’t easily fit in a print ad, such as a product sheet or pricing list.
  7. Deliver step-by-step instructional videos or a printable setup sheet.
  8. Have the QR code send a tweet when scanned, or check in with Foursquare
  9. Let them enroll in an event such as a webinar.
  10. Use the QR code to let customers send themselves a reminder via SMS.
  11. Link them to a special “exclusive” YouTube video.
  12. Deliver AR content.

Have you used a QR code yourself in a promotion? What sort of results did you get? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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