Website Security

The security of your website is an important part of securing your business. We provide you with professional website security advice and setup to protect your data and your customers’ privacy.

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Hide IP address

Hiding your IP address is a basic way to prevent hacking, and if you need to improve the security of your website, we think the first step is to hide your real IP address so that hackers can’t find where your website is stored. This will prevent general hacking attacks.

SSL Security Certificate

SSL security certificates are becoming more and more important, if your website has an SSL security certificate installed, the browser will indicate that the site is secure and there is a risk. Google will penalize websites that do not have an SSL security certificate installed.

Website Backup

Backing up your website to your computer on a regular basis is an important step. You may be busy with your work and forget to do backups. We give you the service of regular backups.

Firewall Setup

Does your website have a firewall set up so that you can have time to respond comfortably when your website is under attack. With firewall, only one click will protect your website.


Hackers use DDoS to attack websites, if your website is properly set up so that you don’t need to worry about such attacks. We can help to to do security setting for your website.

Additional Security Settings

Various other anti-phishing, anti-hacking and anti-hijacking security settings. Make it more difficult and costly for hackers to attack your site. Make it unprofitable for them, so they will give up attacking your site. Keep your website safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

If it is a shopping site like this that involves payment and customer information, you need to do higher level security settings. For this type of website, we recommend you to make backups frequently.

Yes, it is very important to have security settings for your website. You spend a lot of time to your website and if one day your website is attacked and you don’t do the security settings, you need to spend a lot of time to recover your website.

If you have time to learn how to set up website security yourself, please go to our blog page and our video channel to search for the content. We charge $80 for a normal website security setup, including SSL certificate, hidden IP, backup and firewall. If you need more advanced security settings, please contact us. We will do all the security settings for your website.

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