Why Use a Genuine WordPress Theme

When we use WordPress to make a website for our company or blog, we all often think about one question.

Do we use genuine WordPress themes or do we use pirated/cracked themes downloaded online.

Let’s start from a practical point of view, if your website is simply for display, and does not need frequent updates. Then just make a backup and use a WordPress theme that suits your needs.

If you are building a company or a business website, then we suggest you use the genuine WordPress theme.

If you are building a profitable website, whether it is for GOOGLE ADSENSE, affiliate marketing, etc., we recommend you to use the genuine WordPress theme as well.

Which WordPress theme works best?

Can some free downloadable themes on the Internet be used safely? Is the free WordPress theme working fine and so on.

Free WordPress themes, often do not provide enough functionality, it limits many features.
Using a pirated WordPress theme, site security will be a big problem, it often contains a lot of hacking code, you spend a lot of time to make the site bigger, traffic up, your site may be hacked.
Many people want to develop WordPress themes for their websites and find that they can’t write the code

At this time, more and more WordPress users start to consider using genuine WordPress themes, buying avada/the7/betheme and other high quality themes from themeforest.

Even if you buy these genuine WordPress themes, you will encounter many problems. Including hosting selection, hosting setup, theme installation, theme modification, etc.

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So, can we use a WordPress template to make a business website?

How to use the themes purchased on themeforest to make a WordPress website?

How to make a beautiful website which suitable for your business?

In this article, AmazingStudio will focus on answering some common questions that WordPress users have in using genuine WordPress themes.

WordPress Paid Theme

If you want to use WordPress theme to build a good performance, easy to search engine index and can do SEO optimization of B2B wholesale or B2C retail website, then choose a functional and beautiful style of WordPress theme will be very important.

We always recommend to purchase the original licensed WordPress theme in the theme forest

Such as Avada, betheme, the7, flatsome, jNews and other paid themes.

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These well-known genuine WordPress themes are not only beautiful in style and powerful,

And there are very good documentation tutorials, technical support and after-sales service,

Let buyers not worry about various hidden dangers and other issues.

The advantages of genuine WordPress themes

In fact, it is not a very difficult thing for you to buy a genuine WordPress theme.

You just need to register an account with themeforest .

Then you can use your PayPal account or credit card to pay for the order.

The whole process can take less than an hour by yourself, so the theme you buy includes the theme installation package and your unique activation code.

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WordPress themes purchased on Theme Forest often have the following benefits.

  • Permanent use
  • Free updates
  • Good price: average price is around usd $49-$69
  • High security: frequent version updates, fast detection and handling of potential vulnerabilities
  • Complete documentation: there are tutorials from WordPress theme
  • Rich community: you can join the theme forum or discussion group for help if you don’t understand the problem
  • On time after-sales service: the more popular the WordPress theme, the faster the customer service response (generally within 24 hours to respond to your questions)
  • Many pre-set pages: many websites’ DEMO can be imported with one click to generate sites quickly
  • Beautiful style: designers developed the theme design style is beautiful

The disadvantages of WordPress themes

We have used a variety of genuine WordPress themes to help our clients build their WordPress corporate websites.

Although the overall output is largely satisfactory.

However, in the process of using WordPress themes, we also found a lot of uncomfortable places to use WordPress themes:

  • WordPress theme loading speed is slow
  • Too many plugins, need to spend lots of time to find the right one
  • Different theme use different page builder and require different web hosting
  • Too many Google fonts and map scripts


One of the things our company is better at is to use genuine WordPress themes and plugins that

help customers to build B2B website or B2C retail website.

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In the process of serving customers for many years

We found that many people often have the following problems when using WordPress themes.

  • Not reading the theme description in detail when buying the theme
  • Mismatch between theme and server
  • Can’t find where to modify the header
  • Have difficulty to change menu
  • Slider doesn’t know how to configure
  • Do not know how to edit the home page module
  • Do not know how to make security settings for the site
  • Don’t know how to add pages
  • Don’t know how to bind a domain name to a WordPress site
  • All kinds of problems are coming up…

At this time we suggest you to read more about the theme’s documentation.

The learning process is hard and painful, but we believe that as long as you persevere, you will be successful!

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