Website speed test and optimization tools

Today we are introducing 3 tools for website testing speed and web performance optimization.

Starting from August 2021, Google has set higher requirements for website responsiveness.

Here are 3 tools for you to test the speed of your website. You can take a look at the speed of your website. What areas can be made to improve and optimize.

Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights – is an online tool provided by Google to identify web performance issues on websites. While primarily related to technical search engine optimization issues, these tools also analyze websites from a user experience and accessibility perspective. Learn more

If you want to improve and optimize your web speed, please refer to the following article to do it yourself, or contact us and we will be happy to help you.


GTmetrix – It works on the same principle as any other tool of its kind, but with GTmetrix you can also compare your site’s perceived performance score to the market average in a completely free environment.


Pingdom – Ideal for people who need more complete reporting and are willing to pay for it.
It analyzes cross data from different parts of the world and its platform even sends alerts when it detects problems.

Our company is located in Melbourne, Australia and provides website speed optimization services to people worldwide. If you need website speed optimization services. We can provide you with professional advice. We use ZOOM, TEAMVIEW or ANYDESK to connect with you remotely.

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